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City of Beaverton

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Cart Recycling Guidelines

WM Northwest

Apartments and Condominiums

Waste Management offers comprehensive solid waste and recycling services for apartments and condominiums:

WM Northwest Garbage Collection

Regardless of your company's size or industry we can create a custom waste pickup program that meets your needs and helps protect the environment.

WM Northwest Dumpsters

WM Northwest Recycling

Our experts work with your business to create customized recycling programs that improve operations, meet regulatory requirements and increase diversion rates.

Free Recycling Resources

The City of Beaverton provides property managers with free recycling educational materials to help promote recycling at apartment complexes. Visit the City of Beaverton website. for more information and or order free materials.

Please contact Waste Management Customer Service at Waste Management Customer Service or 1-800-808-5901 for more information.

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