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Download the Brochure

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Download the Info Sheet


Q: Who is getting new carts?

A: All residential, commercial, and multifamily customers will receive new carts beginning June 29 and throughout July and August. For the first time, everyone will have consistently labeled and colored carts that are stamped with what goes in them.

Q: Why am I getting new carts?

A: The new tilt and roll carts are easier for customers to place at the curb and are designed to fit the automated arms on the new collection trucks. Carts are provided as part of your garbage service; if they break, we will replace them. Attached lids and wheels make it is easier to move to the curb and contain the material inside.

Q: Are the carts different colors?

A: Yes.
  • New Garbage Carts will be Grey (like an old garbage can)

  • New Compost Carts will be Green (Like the green grass and clippings you put in them)

  • New Recycle Carts will remain Blue (Like the ocean you are helping protect)
Q: Why will my 10-gal. can be replaced with a 20-gal. insert in a 35-gal. cart?

A: Services are converting to all automated collections which are safer for your driver and more efficient, reducing drive time on city streets. We're providing the 20-gal. insert because we want you to have the right size capacity and the convenience of more stable 35-gal. roll carts.

Q: What if I'm using a personal can?

A: WM will not remove personal garbage cans unless properly labelled and left at the curb on your service day. If you would like your can removed, put it out next to your other carts with a note that says "Remove". Tape it on, tie it on or write it directly on the can. WM will collect any unwanted personal cans free of charge through September. After that, WM will not remove for free. Please consider keeping your personal can for times when you need to set out extra recycling or yard waste.

Q: What if my personal can is in good shape, what will happen to it?

A: Waste Management will recycle any cans that meet standards. Here is another option: Unwanted personal garbage cans can be donated to the South King Tool Library. Contact 253-237-2290 or to arrange a time to drop off. SKTL is a community nonprofit that provides free checkout of tools and educational resources to maintain homes, yards and community.

Q: What if I'm currently using two 32-gal. cans?

A: Personal 32-gal. cans are being eliminated. We will replace your two cans with one 64-gal. cart. It is less expensive to have one, 64-gal. cart than two, 35-gal. carts.

Q: Will my services change frequency?

A: No. Recycling is collected every other week. Garbage is collected weekly (or monthly depending on your service level). Food & yard waste is collected weekly.

Q: Will my collection day change?

A: Some customers' collection day will change beginning the week of August 31. You will receive notification via US Postal Service if your day is changing. You will also receive a phone call the day before your new service starts as a reminder.

Q: Will the time I am usually serviced change?

A: Yes, there is a possibility the time of day your truck comes by will change. Please have carts at the curb by 6:00 am on your collection day.

Q: Will my drivers change?

A: We recognize that some customers have built relationships with their WM drivers. Some changes may occur, but we want to ensure you that all our drivers are professional and will do a great job collecting your materials.

Q: Will my billing frequency change?

A: No. Residential customers will continue to be billed quarterly. Commercial customers will continue to be billed monthly.

Q: Will I have to start a new account?

A: No, but we encourage you to go to and set up your account online where you can:
  • Tell us how you would like us to communicate with you (email/phone call/text)
  • Change to paperless billing
  • Set up automatic payments
Q: Will pricing change?

A: Yes. Please find your pricing on this chart.

New Pricing

*All residential customers will receive recycling service with their garbage service, and rates include the recycling credit.

Q: What is the recycle rebate?

A: Garbage service rates will now include an adjustment for the value of recyclables. For Residential customers, initial recyclables value is set at + $1.00 per month through December 2021. This is a rebate returned to customers based on the value of recyclable material collected. Each year, beginning January 1, 2022, markets and materials will be evaluated to determine the rebate amount.

LET'S CONNECT - Communicating with Waste Management has never been easier

Q: Can I call to report issues or ask questions about my account and service?

A: Yes. Your new contract includes a new dedicated phone line for Federal Way customers.
  • Federal Way's dedicated phone number to the WM customer service center - 253-833-3333

  • Extended customer service hours: (M-F 7am - 7 pm), (Saturday 8 am - 5 pm)

  • Dedicated Customer Service team staffed by WM agents trained on the specifics for Federal Way services
Q: What about mobile contact options?

A: Yes. We've got a new App. My WM: View service schedules and request services, all from the palm of your hand.
  • Live Chat: (M-F 8 am - 5 pm)

  • Get a heads-up on when you can expect service

  • Chose a new way to pay with using Apple Pay or automatic Payments along with paperless billing (choose paperless billing and $1 will be donated to the Federal Way Multi-Service Center)

  • Guaranteed security: The app uses the latest technology, complete with facial recognition and fingerprint login
Q: Can I find out more on social media?

A: Yes. On Facebook at Think Green Federal Way. This is a great place to learn about upcoming events, recycling tips and more.

Q: Can I find updates on your website?

A: Yes. As always, your best source for news about your WM service is Check regularly for service updates.


Q: Will there be additional services/features available that we do not currently receive?

A: Yes, several new services are available under your new contract:
  • Your Service Bonus Curbside Bulky Collection 1x/year. To learn more about this service Click Here.

  • Curbside collection of used cooking oil

  • Benefits for the Federal Way Multi-Service Center (MSC)! For every customer who signs up for paperless billing, $1 will be donated to the MSC. Go paperless by using your MyWM app

  • New fleet of high-tech trucks powered by renewable natural gas (gas from garbage) for cleaner air

  • New truck automatic arms for safer and more efficient operations. The arms speed up service by doing the heavy lifting quickly and cleanly

  • Smart truck technology

    • Multiple cameras help drivers identify items that should not be in recycling carts like plastic bags, garbage, dirty and wet items

    • Fingertip record keeping helps drivers track reoccurring contamination problems so customers can be contacted directly to educate and resolve issues
Q: Are there changes in what I can recycle?

A: Yes. New guidelines are being developed and will be available here by late July. In the meantime, please use existing recycling guidelines.


Q: Are my containers changing?

A: Yes. For commercial and multifamily customers with 1-yard to 8-yard Garbage Containers:
  • Commercial and multifamily customers will receive new grey garbage container(s)

  • Swaps and deliveries will take place in July and August

  • Your new container(s) will be the same size(s) as your old container(s)

  • Plastic containers used at some commercial and multifamily locations might change

  • Plastic containers must be placed 10 feet away from combustible materials including: wood enclosure areas, buildings and building overhang, trees, cars, etc.

  • Plastic containers that do not meet this requirement will be swapped for a steel container
Q: I want to educate my residents or staff on how to recycle and reduce waste at my business or property, what can I do?

A: Contact our WM education team at Due to Covid-19 health and safety guidelines, we are offering a variety of virtual options through our WM eConnect campaign. Learn more here:

Q: How can I learn more about the changes and ask questions in-person?

A: Come to our Community Event, September 12, 2020 at the Federal Way Farmers Market.
  • Learn more about the new carts, services and collection trucks

  • This event is dependent on the Governor's "Stay Home Stay Healthy" phased in approach

  • In mid-August all customers will receive a Service Packet in the mail with information on rates, cart color changes, new bulky collection services, new curbside recycling materials list, collection calendar and more
Q: I want to learn more about waste reduction and sustainability, what resources do you have?

A: Sign up for our new quarterly Foodcycler e-newsletter here: Or:
  • Contact our WM education team at with any questions about recycling, waste reduction or outreach

  • Support your community! WM will donate $1.00 to the Federal Way Multi-Service Center for each customer who updates their notification preferences, signs up for paperless, and signs up for automated payments on

  • Up to $5,000 total will be donated

  • Visit to set up your account
Q: Why is the Acceptable Recycling List changing?

A: There is a new market reality. Some packaging used to be collected but it isn't actually suitable to have in the recycling stream since it can't be separated out and no local markets exist, and that means it just ruining 'good' recyclables/readily recyclable materials. Let's recycle more of the good stuff. Plastics is simplified - bottle, jugs, and tubs, no clamshell, no plastic sacks or bags, no plastic lined food cartons (from frozen items like ice cream or fish sticks boxes).

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