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Electronics Go?

Electronics Recycling Center

Electronics Recycling Center

Total Reclaim in South Seattle separates CRTs and other computer equipment into component parts: leaded glass, precious and non-precious metals, plastics, circuit boards, motors, etc., making the materials available to local and international recyclers.

Electronics and
Mercury - Containing Products

E Cycle WashingtonE-Cycle Washington provides a listing of free responsible recycling locations for computers, monitors and TVs in Washington.

Electronics Banned from King County Garbage

King County transfer stations do not accept computers, computer monitors, including flat panel and cathode ray tube monitors, TVs, and cell phones for disposal.

This equipment contains lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and other hazardous materials. If disposed improperly, these toxic materials may be released into the environment, posing a heath hazard.

Computers and TVs Recycle computers and TV sets

Computers, laptops, monitors, separated computer circuit boards and televisions contain heavy metals. They cannot be disposed of as garbage and must be recycled.

You can also recycle many other electronic items, including computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard, cables, printer, scanner, speakers, etc.), cell phones, hand-held devices, photocopiers, fax machines, stereos, VCRs, and DVD players.


The best way to handle unwanted electronic products is to have them reused or recycle them if they are outdated, obsolete or broken. King County residents and business have several options for reusing and recycling their used electronic equipment.

The Take it Back Network electronics retailers, repair shops, non-profit groups, garbage haulers and recyclers that accept used electronic equipment for reuse or recycling. Most charge a fee for recycling the products.

Recycling Collection Events - The Solid Waste Division (SWD) and the suburban cities in King County hold periodic recycling collection events for residents.

Mercury-Containing Products (fluorescents, thermometers, batteries, etc.)
Banned from King County Garbage

King County transfer stations and garbage haulers no longer accept "green tip" or "low mercury" fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent "twirly" bulbs, thermostats, thermometers, mercury- added button batteries (watch, thermometer, and hearing aids) and mercury switches for disposal.

These products contain mercury, a highly toxic substance particularly damaging to the developing fetus and young children. Once released mercury circulates between air, water and soil, impacting fish and humans who consume fish.

Mercury-containing products need to be properly recycled. King County residents and businesses have several options for recycling their mercury products.

Business Fluorescent Lamps:

  • Many local private sector businesses recycle fluorescent lamps from businesses. Financial assistance is available to help recycle fluorescent lamps.
Fluorescent bulbs Household Fluorescent Lamps:

  • Visit the Take it Back Network - The network provides options for collecting burned out fluorescent bulbs and tubes and recycling the mercury and other components in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Most businesses charge a fee for recycling.

  • Recycling Collection Events (in 4 suburban cities).
Mercury-containing Products in general:


For more information contact the King County Solid Waste Division at 206-296-4466,
toll free 1-800-325-6165, ext. 6-4466, TTY Relay: 711.

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