Electronics accepted at the curb with advance notice in designated areas*:

Computer CPUs, monitors, laptops
Keyboards, mice, speakers, cables, circuit boards
NEW! PDA's, MP3 players, calculators, other handheld electronics in clear plastic bags
Cell phones in clear plastic bags
Copy machines, scanners, printers
VCR & DVD players; stereos
TVs (limit 21" screen)

(Small non-electronic appliances and scrap metal are accepted in recycling carts.)

Not accepted at the curb**:
Large kitchen appliances (stoves, refrigerators, etc.)**

Wood frame stereo speakers
TVs over 21" screen size
Items larger than 2 x 2 x 2 ft
Items weighing over 60 lbs

**Bulky items are collected for a fee with advance request at 1-800-592-9995 or online:

Bothell Bulky Item
Issaquah Bulky Item
Kirkland Bulky Item
Redmond Bulky Item

Electronics Reuse and Recycling

Circuit boards in electronics like computers and TVS contain heavy metals that are banned from garbage and recycling containers in King County. Electronics must be reused or recycled.

(Small non-electronic appliances and scrap metal are accepted in recycling carts.)

Reuse is Better than Recycling! Reusing an item saves about 20 times as much energy as recycling it. For example, you can give unwanted electronics or take them to second hand stores.

*Curbside Electronics Collection in some areas:
Bothell,, Issaquah, Kirkland and Redmond residents (inside city limits) can recycle non-working electronics at the curb after advance request. Electronics collected at the curb are not reused, but are broken down to reclaim metal, glass and plastic.

Electronics Curbside Collection Advance Request:
Contact Waste Management at least one day before your regular collection day at 1-800-592-9995 or online below:

  • Put electronics (limit 2x2x2 ft, 60 lbs) 2 feet from your blue recycling cart.
  • Put smaller electronics like cell phones, keyboards, and cables in clear plastic bags.
  • Do not put electronic items in the cart, as they are collected and recycled separately.


Other electronics disposal options:

Ecycle Washington: Free TV, Computer & Monitor Recycling

Earth 911 Electronics Disposal by City or Zip

King County Take It Back Network, 206 296-4466

Where Do Electronics Go?

Total Reclaim separates CRTs and other computer equipment into component parts; leaded glass, precious and non-precious metals, plastics, circuit boards, motors, and so forth, making the recyclables available to recyclers both locally and nationally.

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