Is collected every other week in Marysville.

Collection guidelines and calendars are mailed each year. We encourage you to keep and post them.

If you know your recycling week, you can identify and download your collection calendar below.

Otherwise, please provide your address, and we will e-mail your schedule promptly.

Request a Collection Calendar

Even Weeks

Odd Weeks

Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected
weekly MId-March - November and
monthly December - February.

Garbage Service

Garbage service is provided by the City of Marysville.

Contact Customer Service at
360-363-8001 or

Residents have weekly collection for garbage and every-other-week collection for recycling. Customers subscribing to yard waste receive collection weekly from mid-March - mid-November and then monthly December, January and February. Please consult your collection calendar for further details.

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