Effective July 1, 2018

Basic monthly charge for each service includes weekly collection of garbage, yard debris, and recyclables. All services to be collected in roll carts provided by Waste Management.

Yard Debris
Monthly Rate
20 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
35 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
90 gallon cart
60 gallon cart
60 gallon cart

Additional Weekly Garbage Cart Collection for Residential Accounts

Second 35-gallon cart
Third and additional 35-gallon cart
Second 60-gallon cart
Third and additional 60-gallon cart
Second 90-gallon cart
Third and additional 90-gallon cart

Additional Weekly Recycling or Yard Debris Cart Collection for Residential Accounts

Proposed Rate
Each additional Recycling Cart
Each additional Yard Debris Cart

To start, change or discontinue service, please contact Waste Management Customer Service:

Waste Management offers an easy way to pay your garbage bill. Click here for more information:

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Yard Debris Exemption

Residential customers may request exemption for curbside yard debris collection if they:

  • compost or use yard debris for on-site land application or
  • retain a business that (a) hauls their yard debris to a state approved processor and (b) is licensed to conduct business within the City

Customers who comply with all terms of the yard debris collection exemption agreement. may apply for an exemption from yard debris collection. If the exemption is approved, they will have the monthly cost of yard debris collection deducted from their bills.

Contact Waste Management at 503-249-8078 or click here for an online application form for yard debris exemption.

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