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Recyclables should be placed loose in the container

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. . . No Plastic Bags. Learn more about how to "Free your recyclables" here.

Link - Commercial Recycling Guidelines

Auburn Commercial Recycling Collection

ALL-IN-ONE Recycling Controls Garbage Costs!

Approximately ninety percent (90%) of the material collected from businesses comes from garbage containers; only ten percent (10%) comes from recycling containers. On the other hand, only 45% of the material from residences is garbage; 55% is recycling.

Waste Management provides resources to encourage recycling, including:

Containers Out by 6:00 AM

Collection times may vary as routing schedules change, and so it is very important to have all containers at the street and/or dumpsters available by 6:00 AM. We appreciate your cooperation.

Place 2 feet apart from other containers and 5 feet from any structure with lid facing street.

Place containers out in such a way that does not restrict the reasonable and safe use of the street, sidewalk, or bicycle lanes by pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobiles.

Remove containers from public property no later than 24 hours after your collection day.

More information

Please contact Waste Management Customer Service or 253-939-9792 (M-F 7 AM - 7 PM, SAT 9 AM - 1 PM) for more information.

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