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Recyclables should be placed loose in the container

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. . . No Plastic Bags. Learn more about how to "Free your recyclables" here.

Recycling Guidelines

Recycling Guidelines

Link - Commercial Recycling Guidelines

Commercial and Industrial Recycling

ALL-IN-ONE Recycling Controls Garbage Costs!

Approximately ninety percent (90%) of the material collected from businesses comes from garbage containers; only ten percent (10%) comes from recycling containers. On the other hand, only 45% of the material from residences is garbage; 55% is recycling.

New technology makes it cost efficient for Waste Management to collect all recyclables together and sort them with state-of-the-art equipment.

More information

Please contact Waste Management Customer Service or 208-765-4968 (M-F 8 AM - 5 PM) for more information.
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