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City of Lake Stevens Frequently Asked Questions on the new WM Contract

Waste Management is honored to have been chosen to serve the City of Lake Stevens in the new Solid Waste contract. Below are answers to commonly asked questions related to the new contract:

1. When does the new contract with WM start?
  • WM already services about two-thirds of the City, starting April 1, 2021 WM will service all of Lake Stevens under the new 10-year contract.

2. What services are changing?
  • Garbage will continue to be provided weekly.
  • ecycle will be picked up every other week with a larger cart! (96-gallon cart).
  • For customers that subscribe to yard waste it will be picked up weekly year-round.

3. Why do we have every other week recycling in the new contract?
  • Recycling is important to the City and WM, using every other week pickup schedule will help manage rising service costs.
  • WM will provide a larger, 96-gallon cart, to residents that were previously serviced weekly.
  • Currently, most Lake Stevens residents receive every other week recycling services. With every other week service, there will be less trucks on the road, less noise and it will reduce our carbon footprint. There will also be less wear and tear on city streets.

4. What other new services and additional benefits will we have with WM?
  • WM will provide two annual clean up events (Spring/Fall) for residents to discard unwanted household items, recyclables, and yard debris.
  • Recycling education and outreach programs and materials will be available to Lake Stevens schools and community groups.
  • WM will provide 4 sets of solar powered recycling and garbage bins for downtown, called Big Bellies.
  • Waste Watch is a WM program that helps keep our communities safe. We have trained over 4,000 drivers to look and listen for suspicious activity and emergency situations, then report to public safety agencies.

5. Will my rates be going up in the new contract?
  • Most residents in Lake Stevens will see a rate decrease in the new contract.
  • Disabled veterans with a 30% or greater disability may receive a 10% discount on their bill.

6. Will my pickup day, time or location change?
  • WM will work with Republic Services to obtain route information for current Republic customers.
  • If there will be a service day change WM will communicate those changes well in advance of the new contract start date. There should not be any change in time or location.

7. Why are we going to have one garbage company instead of two going forward?
  • Cities across Washington State characteristically contract with one garbage company to provide services to the entire City.
  • Working with one company, eliminates confusion for residents on issues like: types of services offered, scheduled service days, rates and utilizing one customer service center.

8. How does WM support the Lake Stevens community?
  • WM has been a proud sponsor of Music by the Lake, Harvest Fest, and an active member and sponsor of the Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce. In the new contract, that support will continue with:
  • An annual financial contribution for City sponsored events.
  • Education programs and material provided for schools and community groups, and education booths set up at community events to answer resident questions.
  • Two annual clean up events for residents to discard unwanted household garbage, recyclables and yard debris.
  • WM is also proud to provide solar powered recycle and garbage bins for Main St.
  • Continued membership and involvement in the Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce.

9. Where can I find more information about the new services?
  • Our website, www.wmnorthwest.com/lakestevens is the number one resource for updates. As information and important dates become available, this site will continue to be updated.
  • WM is working with the City to coordinate a meet and greet event to answer questions and welcome our new customers to the WM family. Details on this event will be shared when available and are dependent on meeting public health directives related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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