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Adams County Regional Landfill

Adams County Regional Landfill

Adams County Regional Landfill

Adams County Regional Landfill

Adams County Regional Landfill

Adams County Regional Landfill

Adams County Regional Landfill

This regional facility provides state-of-the art infrastructure to safely manage materials that cannot be reused or recycled. The landfill opened in 2024 and is located in Eastern Washington, nine miles from Washtucna and 80 miles from Spokane. The Subtitle D facility is permitted to accept primarily household garbage in addition to industrial and special wastes. It is also permitted to accept industrial liquids into surface impoundments. It does not accept hazardous waste. Adams County Regional Landfill is engineered with overlapping environmental protection systems that meet or exceed rigorous state and federal regulations and are subject to highly regulated monitoring and reporting requirements. The site uses sophisticated monitoring protocols to verify that its environmental protection systems are operating properly. The WM Environmental Protection team and independent professionals regularly gather monitoring data and submit it to regulatory agencies.

Containment Design

This facility has a multi-layer composite liner system that includes an engineered geosynthetic clay barrier and a 60-mil, high-density polyethylene geomembrane to ensure waste and wastewater (leachate) are contained and isolated from soil and groundwater.

Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater is monitored using onsite wells, both upgradient and downgradient of the waste disposal footprint. Testing and monitoring provide added assurance of groundwater protection surrounding the landfill.

Leachate Collection and Treatment

The leachate collection and treatment system consists of a highly permeable gravel drainage layer covering the entire landfill base, graded to drain to a collection sump. Perforated pipes at low points collect and route leachate to a double composite-lined evaporation pond.

Waste Approval Process

WM has a defined waste screening protocol for each of its Subtitle D nonhazardous waste facilities. The protocol is designed to protect our employees, the community and the environment. For industrial and special waste streams, the generator or agent must complete a Generator's Non-Hazardous Waste Profile (available online at wmsolutions.com) for review by our technical staff.

Adams County Regional Landfill

2660 East Syd Sullivan Lane
Washtucna, WA 99371

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
7 am - 4 pm
Facility not open to the public.

Year Opened

Projected Life Remaining
80-150 years

Facility Acreage
3,300 acres

Permitted Footprint
550 acres

Waste Management of Washington, Inc.

Permit Type and Permit #
Solid Waste Handling Permit 0597-01
Ecology Air Permit A001086

Regulatory Agencies
Adams County
Washington Department of Ecology


States Served
Washington, Idaho and Montana

Landfill Customer Service
Technical Service Center

Media Relations
Patrick McCarthy

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