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Commercial Compost Collection

Why Compost?

Waste Management wants to help your business reduce that waste through compost collection. Instead of sending more waste to the landfill, our service turns it into nutrient-rich compost for healthy gardens. And choosing Waste Management composting may save you money!

Free Start-Up Kit for New Compost Customers

All businesses are eligible for free starter kits that include everything your business needs to kickoff compost collection, including:
  • Free indoor collection containers
  • Educational posters and decals
  • Staff training and assistance
To sign up for compost collection or if you would like additional information, please contact WM Customer Service at pnwcmservices@wm.com or call 800-808-5901.

Important Changes to Our Compost Program

Yard debris can no longer be included in the compost collection. All of the materials collected in the compost program are now going to an anaerobic digestion facility that cannot process yard debris. Yard debris includes all grass, leaves, garden trimmings and branches. Floral trimmings from the soil level up are acceptable as long as there are no root-balls, soil or woody materials.

If you are generating yard debris, you may discard it by:
  • Setting up yard debris service. WM can provide you with a separate container for you to collect yard debris that will be taken to a compost facility. Please call us to discuss service levels and volumes.

  • Placing yard debris in your garbage container.
Non-food items are no longer accepted in the commercial compost program. Items such as compostable serviceware, paper towels and other paper products are no longer accepted. Transparent and semi-transparent BPI-certified compostable bags will be the only non-food accepted items. The BPI website - bpiworld.org - provides links to vendors of these products.

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