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Waste Management has partnered with Spokane County to create the WM Recycling All Stars Program. Whether you are just getting started, or want to refresh your property's recycling program, this program provides all the information, tools, and support you need to create and sustain a successful recycling program for your residents.

Let our team help you promote recycling success in your apartment or condo complex!

WM Northwest Step 1: Set your Property up for Recycling Success!
  • Are you having issues with your pickup schedule or overflowing bins?
    Learn more about how recycling infrastructure should be set up at your property.

  • Do you have problems with illegal dumping or difficulty keeping your garbage and recycling containers clean and free of bulky items?
    Learn how you can prevent these and other issues.

  • Do your bins need new labels or additional signage?
    Request new container decals or signage.

WM Northwest

Step 2: Educate and Motivate your Residents!

  • Do you need help educating residents about your recycling program?
    All resident resources are available for download or order.
    Or, you can request onsite assistance.

WM Northwest

Step 3: Take your Recycling Program to the Next Level!

  • Are you interested in learning about more ways to recycle?
    You can learn about additional recycling programs and ways to keep your program on track.

All WM Recycling All Stars resources can be downloaded for printing or ordered online.

Increasing recycling has many benefits:

Save money.

It's an easy equation: the more garbage, the higher the waste bill; the more recycling, the lower the waste bill.

Help your community and the environment.

Recycling creates jobs. In Washington, recycling creates six times more jobs than landfilling garbage.

Make your property more attractive to tenants.

Research shows that residents want to recycle.

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