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Rates and Billing Information

Preventing waste shrinks garbage!

Garbage rates are based on container size. Your Recycling Guide outlines many ways to reduce waste, such as:
  • Buying durable items
  • Donating used clothing
  • Using your recycle cart (if available)
  • Putting food scraps and food-soiled paper in
    your food/yard cart (if available)
Be the first on your block to downsize your garbage!

City of Tukwila Curbside Collection Rates - Effective January 1, 2023
_ Price / Month
City of Tukwila - Curbside Garbage
WM Garbage Cart (including cart repair and/or replacement)
One 35-gal. WM garbage cart emptied once a month $7.21
One 10-gal. WM Micro-Cart once weekly $8.44
One 20-gal. WM Mini-Cart once weekly $10.34
One 35-gal. WM garbage cart weekly $15.23
One 64-gal. WM garbage cart weekly $24.26
One 96-gal. WM garbage cart weekly $33.31
Extra garbage (one bag or 32-gallon can) $6.61 ea
Bulky items (mattresses, sofas, appliances, etc.)
Click here or call 1-855-TUKWILA (885-9452) (M-F 7 am - 7 pm, SAT 9 am - 1 pm) to request service
City of Tukwila - Curbside Recycling
Clean recyclables in blue-lidded 96-gal. recycling cart emptied every other week Included
Additional carts are available upon request at no additional charge. Included
Extras: There is no charge for setting out extra recycling. Use a cardboard box or a durable container marked "Recycling" (32-gallon Limit). Included
Electronics - Request a pickup 24 hours before collection day.
OR, call 1-855-TUKWILA (885-9452) (M-F 7 am - 7 pm, SAT 9 am - 1 pm) to request service.
City of Tukwila - Curbside Compost: Yard Debris and Food Scraps
One 96-gal. WM yard waste cart - Collected every other week $9.68
Additional 96-gal. WM yard waste cart - Collected every other week $5.50 Each
Extra yard waste (no food waste) in heavy paper yard bags, reusable
yard bags, or 32-gal. cans with lids and handles marked "Yard."
$1.87 Each
4 x 6" Kitchen food scrap container decal Free

Curbside Billing Information

  • Rates above are monthly. However, invoices are mailed every three months, so charges on invoices are for three months service.
  • Listed rates do not include applicable city, county or state taxes.
  • WM offers an easy way to pay your garbage bill online.

    EZ Pay - Click here

  • More about your bill

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