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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What's New?
  • New service offerings began May 1.

  • Find your perfect fit. Say goodbye to one size fits all! You told us in a recent survey, you want more choices when it comes to residential garbage collection services and communications. We hear you. Historically, all residents have used a 96-gallon garbage cart. Now, avid recyclers, individuals and seniors can enjoy a smaller garbage cart. You decide what's best for you.

  • Additional new services are described below and include New Bulky Waste Program, Annual Cleanup Program, updates to curbside yard debris recycling services and the availability of extra carts for all residential services.
Choose Your Cart Size - Click here

Q: Are garbage service rates changing?
  • Yes, in response to customer feedback, we are changing to a pay-as-you-throw service model, where you pay for what you use. Choose from three sizes of garbage carts. Your quarterly bill will depend upon the garbage cart size and optional services you select. Find your perfect fit.

    . 35-gallon weekly service
    . 64-gallon weekly service
    . 96-gallon weekly service (current size)
    . Extra garbage bags outside cart
    . Extra recycling outside cart
    $3.92 each.
    $3.92 each.

    • A 64-gallon blue recycling cart and weekly service is included with your garbage service. If your recyclables won't fit in your cart, hold some for next time! Setting out extra recycling will now result in extra charges.

    • Rates above are before state and local taxes are applied.

  • If you have extras that do not fit in your cart(s) with the lid closed, you will be charged for extras.

  • If you have frequent extras, it may be less expensive for you to move up to the next larger garbage cart size.
Q: How do I choose the correct size cart that fits my needs?
  • Use this diagram to help you decide the right cart size for you.

To change your cart size, call WM at 509-662-4591.

Q: Can I still leave out extra bags beside my cart?
  • Yes. For safety and service efficiency, WM's state of the art trucks have hydraulic cart lifts. Customers should place all garbage, recycling and yard debris in the cart provided when it is possible to do so.

  • We understand that occasionally customers need to put more out than what will fit in the cart with the lid closed. If you have an occasional extra bag or box, please set it out next to your cart and we will pick it up for an extra charge. We do ask that you prepare your extra bag or box in the following manner so that we can keep our drivers safe and our streets clean:

    • Garbage - Use a 32-gallon garbage bag that is tied at the top. No loose garbage at the curb. Extra charges apply - $3.92 each

    • Recycling - Use a cardboard box or personal can and label it "Recycle". No plastic bags accepted. Extra charges apply- $3.92 each.

    • Extra carts are available.

      • extra 96-gallon garbage carts - $11.08 per month.

      • extra 64-gallon recycling carts - $7.00 per month.

      • extra 96-gallon yard debris carts $4.50/month for subscribers.
Q: Are there still special rates for low income, people 62 and older or for those physically challenged?
  • Yes, eligible low-income residential customers may continue to apply directly with the City for a 20% discount on garbage service. To apply, call the City at 509-888-3600.

  • Physically challenged persons without help at home, may request WM to provide carryout service at no extra charge by calling WM Customer Service at 509-662-4591. A site visit may be conducted to verify eligibility.

  • As a convenience, residential carry-out service is also available to those that subscribe for an extra monthly charge.
Q: When can I choose my new cart size?
  • If your current 96-gallon garbage cart works for you, no action is needed.

  • You can choose your cart size online between February 16 - April 9 for cart delivery the last week of April.

  • Carts selected between April 9 - April 30 will be delivered beginning the week of May 10.

  • Click here to select your new cart size.

  • For customers without online capability, call WM Customer Service at 509-662- 4591 beginning April 13 to change your cart size.
Q: If I decide my garbage cart is too small/big can I choose a different cart size?
  • Absolutely! Still looking for the perfect fit? If you decide you need a smaller or larger cart, just let us know. You have until April 30, 2022, to make one change in your garbage cart size with no delivery charge.
Q: Will my recycling cart or service day change?
  • No. You will keep your blue recycling cart and continue to have recycling service weekly. Your first blue recycle cart and service cost is included with garbage service. There is no discount if you choose not to use the service.
Q: Are there changes in what I can recycle?
  • Yes. For the new guidelines please see the Wenatchee Curbside Recycling FAQ on the wmnorthwest.com/wenatchee website. The most notable change is that due to lack of local glass manufacturers, effective May 1, glass will no longer be accepted in the curbside recycling service. All paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum cans and plastic bottles should be clean, empty and dry.
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Q: What if I would like to recycle more, can I get additional recycling carts?
  • Yes! Additional 64-gallon recycling carts are available for $7.00 each per month. If you have an occasional extra box or can of recycling, you can place that out next to your recycling cart. Label it as "recycle". Recycling extras are $3.92 per box/can.

  • Do not use plastic bags for recyclables.
Q: Are there any changes to the yard debris service?
  • Yes. Yard debris service is still available by subscription and is serviced every other week.

    • 96 gallon every other week service $12.43/month.

  • To give those with big yards extra help during the summer and fall months we have two new options for subscribers:

    • Extra 96-gallon yard debris carts for only $4.50/month.

    • Extra paper bag/personal can/bundle $2.80 per extra.

  • Do not use plastic bags for yard debris.
Q: Will my services frequency change?
  • No. Your service days and times will stay the same.
Q: What can I do with bulky waste that does not fit in my cart?
  • WM now offers bulky waste curbside collection.

    • Service starts May 1.

    • One week advanced scheduling required. Call 509-662-4591.

    • Acceptable items include large - appliances, furniture, televisions, mattresses, and other similar items that do not fit in your cart.

    • Unacceptable items include - refrigerators, freezers, piles of debris, car parts, tires, construction and demolition debris, or tree stumps.
Q: Do I still get occasional free dumps at the transfer station?
  • Yes, the City of Wenatchee continues its commitment to keep our community clean. That means three free trips to the Wenatchee Transfer Station every year!

  • Residents look for your Service Guide with Annual Cleanup Coupons in the mail.

  • Once per year, each single-family customer will be mailed an Annual Cleanup Coupon valid for one (1) garbage and two (2) yard debris trips to the Wenatchee Transfer Station.

  • Keep the Annual Guide with Cleanup Coupons for use throughout the year.

  • Redeem garbage coupon for disposal of residentially generated garbage and furniture items at no charge.

  • Redeem each yard debris coupon for disposal of residentially generated yard debris at no charge.

  • Load limit is one level standard pickup truck load, 2.5 yards per coupon.

  • Loads over 2.5 yards will be charged standard rates.

  • Must be current WM single-family residential customer within the City of Wenatchee with account in good standing.

  • Must provide the mailed Annual Cleanup Coupon to the transfer station attendant at time of use.

  • Customer's identification must match the name and address printed on their Annual Guide.

  • No commercial coupon use.

  • Mailed Annual Cleanup Coupon will not be replaced if lost.
Q: Will my billing frequency change?
  • No. Residential customers will continue to be billed quarterly. Commercial customers will continue to be billed monthly.
Q: Will I have to start a new account?
  • No, your account and billing frequency will remain the same. We encourage you to go to WM.com to review your account online:

    • Tell us how you would like us to communicate with you (email/phone /text).

    • Change to paperless billing.

    • Set up automatic payments.
Q: Where can I report an issue or ask questions about my account and service?
  • WM Customer Service 877-466-4668 or 509-662-4591. Open Monday - Friday: 7 am-5 pm. Extended hours on Saturday: 9 am-1 pm.

  • Email pnwrsservice@wm.com
Q: Does WM have mobile contact options?
  • Yes. Download WM's new MY WM MOBILE APP to view service schedules and request services, all from the palm of your hand.

Q: Where can I find updates?

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