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Curbside Recycling

By recycling you are helping to save energy, reduce water pollution, reduce water consumption, preserve natural resources and create jobs.

Your recycling is collected every week on garbage day. There is a charge for extra recycling that does not fit in your cart with the lid closed.

Recycling is provided at no extra cost with your basic garbage service.

Recycling Tips

Recycling Tips

  • NO plastic bags in recycling. (Reuse or recycle at grocery stores) - Plastic bags get caught in conveyor belts at the recycling center.

  • NO shredded paper in recycling. Because of its size, shredded paper is difficult to sort from other recyclables.

  • Empty, clean, and loose. These three words can greatly improve the quality of recyclables placed in your cart. You can do this by rinsing out recyclables and placing empty containers directly in your cart loose, not in a plastic bag. Learn more about how you can Recycle Right - Click here.

  • Extra Recycling. If you have extras that do not fit in your cart with the lid closed, you will be charged $3.92 per equivalent 32-gallon bag. Put extra recyclables in a clearly labeled kraft paper bag, cardboard box or 32-gallon container with handles and lid. Please label "Recycle." Extra recycling carts are available at a reduced rate.

Recycling Questions

For tough recycling questions, please email them to recycleinlandnw@wm.com and we can provide guidance based on your specific area.

WM Blue Recycling Cart

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