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Curbside Recycling

Recycling is collected in 96-gallon carts.

The following items are accepted in your gray-lidded recycling cart. No need to separate. Please empty recyclables out of bags, boxes and six-packs, and put them loose in the recycling cart for easier sorting.

Recycling is collected every other week on garbage day. Recycling service is included in your garbage rates.

WM Northwest Recycling Roll Cart - Paper, Metal, Plastic

Place the following items together in your mixed recycling container.

Clean paper and cardboard
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines & Catalogs
  • Telephone Books
  • Paper Bags
  • Cereal, cracker & shoe boxes
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Notebook paper, computer paper, file folders, stationery
  • Wrapping paper (No foil, plastic coating or tape)
  • Shredded paper (place in a paper bag or paper envelope)
Plastic Bottles and Tubs
  • Yogurt-type plastic tubs (6 oz. or larger),
  • Rigid plant pots (4 in. or larger)
  • Buckets (5 gal or smaller).
  • All plastic bottles and plastic jugs.
Clean Metal
  • Metal cans. Place the lid inside the can and crimp shut to hold the lid inside.
  • Aluminum foil and trays
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Small Scrap Metal Pieces (No larger than 30 inches. Weight limit 30 pounds.)
WM Northwest

Glass Recycling

Curbside glass collection is available by subscription. Call 800-808-5901 to subscribe. If you do not subscribe, bring your glass bottles and jars to a depot for recycling.
  • Newberg Transfer Station and Recycling Center
    2094 Wynooski Street, Newberg, OR

  • 1st and Everest Depot
    1st and Everest Street, Newberg, OR

  • 11th and Maple Street
    Dundee, OR

WM Northwest

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