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Rates and Billing Information

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To report a missed pickup, change cart size, replace missing / damaged cart:

Please email WM Customer Service
or call 800-592-9995 (M-F 7 am - 7 pm, SAT 9 am - 1 pm).

To order NEW or CANCEL service, or to suspend collection of your account (minimum 2 months)
Contact the City of Kirkland

utilitybilling@kirklandwa.gov (425) 587-3150

For rates, payment options and additional sevice details

Click here

Curbside Billing Information

If you have questions about your bill, please contact The City of Kirkland Utilities Division:

  • utilitybilling@kirklandwa.gov or
  • 425 Phone: 425-587-3150
    TTY/TDD: 425-587-3111

  • Curbside Billing:

    City of Kirkland - Utility Department
    PO Box 3327
    Kirkland, WA 98083-3327

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