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Welcome to Waste Management

City of Kirkland *

The City of Kirkland has partnered with Waste Management of Washington, Inc. to provide curbside collection of garbage, recycling and yard/food waste for all residents and businesses.

* Information below applies only to service inside the City Limits.

Outside City Limits:
Unincorporated Area Service

Additional service details provided
by the City of Kirkland.

Collection Days

Garbage, recycling and compost are picked up weekly, on the same day.

Click Here - For your collection day.

Collection Information

Contact the City of Kirkland,
425-587-3150, to:
Contact Waste Management
1-800-592-9995 (M-F 7 AM - 7 PM, SAT 9 AM - 1 PM) to:

Missed Collection?

If your container(s) were at the curb by 7:00 AM and were not emptied, please report a missed collection by clicking here or call 1-800-592-9995 (M-F 7 AM - 7 PM, SAT 9 AM - 1 PM).

Holiday Schedules

Waste Management observes three annual holidays: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day (Dec. 25), and New Year's Day (Jan. 1). All other holidays will not affect your collection schedule.

Weekday holidays will delay collection by one day for the remainder of the week. For example, if a holiday falls on a Thursday, Thursday customers will be collected on Friday and Friday customers will be collected on Saturday.

Contact Us

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For Information Call:

Service Alerts - Click Here

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Recycling and
Food/Yard Waste Information
What Can I Recycle?

What Goes in my Food/Yard Cart?

Link - General Information - Acrobat Format

Kirkland Recycling Guide
(Acrobat Format)

Collection Guidelines

Collection Guidelines - Amharic

Collection Guidelines - Chinese
Collection Guidelines - Hindi

Collection Guidelines - Korean

Collection Guidelines - Russian

Collection Guidelines - Somali

Collection Guidelines - Espanol

Collection Guidelines - Vietnamese

Waste Reduction Tips

Recycling Cart Tags

City of Kirkland and Waste Management use "Recycling Only Oops" tag to monitor contamination in recycling carts. If a driver spots non-recyclable material in your recycling cart, the cart will be tagged, and you will be informed on proper disposal.

Our increased efforts in recycling right and reducing contamination is a result of new restrictions by China in the type of materials they will collect for recycling. We all need to do our part in helping to make recycling sustainable for years to come. To learn more about some of the changes in the recycling industry click here.

For more recycling information, visit:

  • Recycle Right
  • City of Kirkland website

  • Motor Oil Recycling

    Recycle Used Motor Oil Next to Your Cart Place in transparent 1-gallon jugs with screw on lids. Label with name and address. Place next to carts. Limit 2 gallons a week.

    Questions? Call 425 587-3812 or email

    Computers, TVs, etc.
    Are accepted at the curb
    with advance notice.

    Used Clothing and Linens
    Request a pick up 24 hours before collection day call 1-800-592-9995. Textiles should be placed in a plastic or paper bag. Please label "Textiles" and place bag(s) at the curb next to recycling cart.

    Compact Fluorescent
    Light Bulbs (CFLs)

    Your CFLs are recyclable, just not at the curb. To learn how to recycle your bulbs visit:

  • City of Kirkland Information
  • LightRecycle Washington

    Kirkland Green Initiatives

    City of Kirkland is committed to being green. Learn more by following Kirkland Conserves.

    Click here for the Facebook Page
    Click here for the blog

  • Learn how to save money and protect the environment by reducing food waste

    Learn how to save money and protect the environment by reducing food waste

    Click Here

    WMeConnect - Click Here

    Recycling 101

    Click Here to watch the Video

    Watch the Video

    Think Green Kirkland

    Información sobre recolección de reciclaje, basura y desechos de comida / jardín

    Información sobre recolección de reciclaje, basura y desechos de comida / jardín

    Link - Where Does It Go Information

    Where Does It Go?

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