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City of Kirkland

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Electronics Recycling

Computers, TVs, etc.

Are accepted at the curb with advance notice.

Motor Oil Accepted

Motor Oil

Accepted curbside in gallon jugs
next to your recycling

Clothing Recycling

Used Clothing and Linens

Request a pick up 24 hours before collection day call 800-592-9995 or Email WM Customer Service. Textiles should be placed in a plastic or paper bag. Please label "Textiles" and place bag(s) at the curb next to recycling cart.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent
Light Bulbs (CFLs)

Your CFLs are recyclable, just not at the curb. To learn how to recycle your bulbs visit:

  • City of Kirkland Information
  • LightRecycle Washington

  • Curbside Recycling

    By recycling you are helping to save energy, reduce water pollution, reduce water consumption, preserve natural resources and create jobs.

    Collection Schedule

    Your recycling is collected weekly on garbage day. There is no limit on the amount of clean recycling you can set out for collection. Put recycling that doesn't fit in your cart in old recycling bin or cardboard boxes (limit 3'x3'x3').

    Collection Rates

    Recycling is provided at no extra cost with your basic garbage service. Recycling and preventing waste can sometimes reduce garbage enough for residents to order a smaller garbage container for a lower rate.

    Recycling Oops Tag

    Did your cart get tagged?

    City of Kirkland and WM use "Recycling Only Oops" tag to monitor contamination in recycling carts. If a driver spots non-recyclable material in your recycling cart, the cart will be tagged, and you will be informed on proper disposal.

    Curbside Recycling Tips

    • Empty clean recyclables out of bags and boxes and put them loose in your cart so that they can be easily identified and sorted at the recycling center. Clean paper bags and cardboard boxes are recyclable. Just put them in your cart after you empty them. Recyclables in plastic bags may be mistaken for garbage at the sorting center.

    • Clean, dry and empty. These three words can greatly improve the quality of recyclables placed in your cart. You can do this by rinsing out recyclables and placing empty containers directly in your cart loose, not in a plastic bag. Learn more about how you can Recycle Right - click here.

    • Corrugated Cardboard. All corrugated cardboard boxes smaller than two (2) feet square should be flattened or broken down and placed in the customers' Recycling Cart. Corrugated cardboard boxes larger than three (3) feet square must be flattened and cut into 2ftx2ft squares to fit into the cart or an extra bag or box prior to collection.

      Have extra cardboard that won't fit in your cart or an extra bag or box? Please don't leave it out in the rain. Flatten it and place next to your cart on the morning of your collection day.

    • NO shredded paper in recycling. Because of its size, shredded paper is difficult to sort from other recyclables.

    • Extra Recycling. There is no limit on the amount of clean recyclables you can set out for collection. Put recycling that doesn't fit in your cart in recycling bins, cardboard boxes (limit 3'x3'x3'), or a 32-gallon can with handles marked "recycling". Please don't leave any extra recyclables in cardboard boxes out in the rain. Place next to your cart on the morning of your collection day.

    Blue Recycling Cart

    Click here to download - Collection Guidelines

    Click here to download - Collection Guidelines

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