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Sustainability starts in the community. With WM as your partner, you can count on reliable service and solutions that help keep our community sustainable, clean and safe. Thank you for partnering with WM, for a sustainable tomorrow.

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Collection Information

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WM provides weekly garbage service and every other week, on alternating weeks, recycling and yard debris collection.

Collection Schedule

WM Northwest

Starting Service

To start service please call 800-808-5901 (M-F 7 am to 5 pm).

Current service rates

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Holiday Schedule

Garbage and recycling are collected on all holidays except Christmas and New Year's Day. If your collection day falls on or after Christmas or New Year's Day, collection will be one day later that week with Friday customers being serviced on Saturday.

WM Northwest

Transfer Station

2904 Wynooski Street | Newberg, OR 97132

Open Monday-Saturday 8 am - 5 pm

Accepted Materials

WM Northwest

Glass Recycling

WM Northwest WM Northwest
Sign Up for Curbside Glass Recycling
$3.64 / month

Residents of the City of Newberg are able to recycle glass curbside!


Or, bring glass to one of these locations for recycling.

  • Newberg Transfer Station and Recycling Center
    2094 Wynooski Street, Newberg, OR

  • 1st and Everest Depot
    1st and Everest Street, Newberg, OR

  • 11th and Maple Street
    Dundee, OR
WM Northwest

Hazardous and Medical Waste

Household hazardous waste and biohazardous waste cannot be disposed of in your carts.

WM Northwest

Electronics Disposal Ban

Computers, TVs, laptops and monitors are banned from disposal as garbage in Oregon. Don't place computers, monitors and TVs in your trash, recycling bin or at the curb. Electronics require special handling and cannot be collected in your regular service. Bring them to a free drop off location for recycling. More

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WM offers an easy way to pay your garbage bill online

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Collection Guidelines
Recycling and
Yard Debris Information
What goes in my recycling cart?

Click here to download - Collection Guidelines

What goes in my yard cart?

Click here to download - Collection Guidelines

Reuse in action at the Newberg Public Library

Libraries in your community
help reduce waste!

Since their creation hundreds of years ago, libraries have promoted the reuse and sharing of books and knowledge. At the Newberg Public Library you can borrow books, audio books, e-books, magazines, music CDs, DVDs, and more! You can even take your re-use journey one step further with the Library of Things.

The Library of Things at the Newberg Public Library is a service that offers things for patrons to checkout - from knitting kits to ukuleles to cake pans. The collection supports lifelong learning and creativity by providing the physical tools necessary to explore new areas of interest and learning of new skills. You can also check out their website for access to free online classes and book clubs.


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Waste Reduction Resources
in Newberg

Join Newberg in reducing waste. Click this PDF to find a current map of local food pantries, donation centers, medications drop off centers and more.

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Reduce food waste
in Newberg

Did you know that nearly a third of food in the US goes to waste? Reducing food waste is more than just composting your fruit peels, it's an effective way for individuals to fight climate change on a daily basis! Save money and the planet by following these food storage tips, recipes, and food waste reduction tips from WM.

Learn how to save money and protect the environment by reducing food waste

Make Every
Thread Count

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Join Oregonians in choosing quality clothes that save money, last longer and reduce waste. Poorly made clothes wear out quickly, clutter closets and end up in landfills.

Well-made clothes are available for every budget, are built to last, and can be worn often and for years to come.

Quality clothes
just make sense.

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